Optimise your customer service with our insourcing offers
An alternative to traditional in-house customer service models.
In-house and outsourced customer care usually represent an either/or decision. But is there a way to combine the advantages of both? CCA International believes there is.

In-house operations draw on the bank or credit supplier’s wider business to ensure that considerable sector expertise is present, but doing things in-house can be expensive, both in terms of initial fixed costs and ongoing investment in recruitment, training and infrastructure required to keep pace with change and innovation.

Outsourcing reduces costs as the outsourcer has already paid its fixed costs and can mutualise the costs of training, recruitment and infrastructure with its other clients. However, it takes time to for an outsourced team to reach the level of expertise and industry product knowledge of their in-house equivalents.

With our insourcing solution, CCA International offers an original alternative to these models, preserving their advantages, and eliminating their disadvantages.

Insourcing can take the form of outright purchase of the in-house contact centre, including employment contracts, by CCA International . This model keeps the benefits of in-house by retaining the expertise but moves the costs and responsibility of recruitment, training and infrastructure to CCA International. Alternatively, the client can provide the office space but the rest of the operation is provided by CCA International. With support from the client to ensure that expertise is delivered as quickly as possible.

Both of the insourcing scenarios described above have already been conducted successfully by CCA International with several European partners. There is also the opportunity for better utilisation of staff and even mutualisation with other clients or areas of business, driving costs down further.