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Customer service in as many languages as there are destinations
Consistent quality of service whatever the language or channel
By definition, the travel and leisure industry is international. Any connection (air, sea or land) between two countries means that customers from both countries are likely to travel and so need support in their own language. Multiply that by the number of countries in Europe and it becomes increasingly apparent that customer service needs to be available in every European language and on a variety of channels.

Available in 27 languages, through our six international hubs in London, Brussels, Barcelona, Monaco, Athens and Lodz in Poland, the pan-European offering of CCA International is a compelling proposition. Instead of diffuse teams based in every single market, our centralised solution provides standardisation of processes and tools, and achieves economies of scale due to mutualised support functions such as HR, IT and MI.

The benefits for customers are substantial too – all staff receive the same training, briefings and performance management, so the quality of service is consistent across all languages and channels. By employing multi-lingual staff we can easily cope with periods of increased activity for a particular market or language, meaning customers are not kept waiting.

For example, we provide a major European tour operator with a flexible multichannel, flexible service, covering French, English, Spanish and Italian from our hub in Barcelona. In under 2 years we have handled more than 500,000 calls and 100,000 online conversations with a customer satisfaction rate of 94%.

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  • Digitalisation of customer journey
  • Faq's/Reviews management & Brand loyalty programme
  • Online & Social Media
  • Lead Generation Management
  • Influencers & Brand advocates outreach
  • Social Media monitoring & Online proactive engagement
  • E-reputation & Brand sentiment management
  • Indetification of key influencers and detractors
  • Customer enquiries management