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Let customers get in touch easily, even when miles from home
A flexible customer interaction approach that makes interactions seamless
Smartphones have changed so much for travellers. Even 10 years ago, they would carry a camera, some books, and rely on internet cafes to get in touch with their friends back home. The smartphone combines all of those, as well as providing a number of ways to contact their tour operator. But calling from abroad can often be expensive, so travellers turn to other methods that are quicker and cheaper – email, chat, social media. Even before their trip, the immediacy of smart devices means that they can get in contact at any time and from anywhere.

For the tour operators, being present on the same channels as their customers is vital to delivering the sort of high quality service needed to secure bookings and good reviews. Having multiple channels means more flexibility in resource utilisation, too – instead of sitting around waiting for the phone to ring there are opportunities to generate new leads across a variety of platforms.

CCA International provides our travel and leisure clients with dedicated teams of multi-channel agents, equally at home handling tweets or phone calls. Having the same agents engaging on all channels ensures consistency in tone, message and quality. This makes the experience seamless for customers. For instance, a tweet may lead to an invitation to call, which in turn may be followed by an email from with more information, and all 3 interactions are managed by the same agent.
CCA International has accompanied a large French tour operator for the development of its online chat service. Our agents not only manage chats in 7 languages covering 6 European markets, but more than 500,000 calls and emails, all with a customer satisfaction rate of 94%.

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  • Integration of digital and traditional customer interactions
  • Consolidation of customer interactions, data and workflow
  • Real-Time customer engagement at every touch point
  • Unification of lead management processes between channels
  • Routing conversations to the suitable agent
  • Maping customer journey and detailing favorite touch points