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Taking advantage of online feedback
Community management and moderation to drive repeat business and attract new custom
"Sometimes clients tell us to block all the negative comments. We explain that the negative comments, if well treated, brings positive benefits." Mylene Vellay, Digital Account Manager at CCA International knows that in 79% of cases, the positive resolution of a complaint from a customer generates a new purchase from the same customer.

For social media and review sites in particular, trying to suppress negativity is a fool’s errand – the customer will find a way to make themselves heard. It’s far better to deal with the feedback head on than ignore or try to hide it. Whether the goal is to use digital platforms to drive sales, provide assistance or both, the ultimate result should be increased brand loyalty from customers.

At a time when many tourism and leisure businesses live or die by online reviews, managing negative feedback and providing prompt and effective solutions is a major part of the process, but we also focus on accentuating and amplifying positive comments and feedback.

Something as simple as thanking customers for great feedback can drive brand loyalty and repeat business, and engaging with negative feedback to find the root cause can often result in such feedback being retracted by the customer. We can also help with targeting potential influencers or new customers through social media monitoring.

Finally, an important part of our digital offering is competitor monitoring and analysis. What offers do they have currently? What are their customers saying about them? How do we compare and what can we do better than them?

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  • Digitalisation of customer journey
  • Faq's/Reviews management & Brand loyalty programme
  • Online & Social Media
  • Lead Generation Management
  • Influencers & Brand advocates outreach
  • Social Media monitoring & Online proactive engagement
  • E-reputation & Brand sentiment management
  • Indentification of key influencers and detractors
  • Customer enquiries management