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Customer service for all points of the journey
Customer service accessible throughout your holiday
Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, so when something goes wrong it can be very upsetting. As the first port of call, the tour operator has the opportunity to make things better, before the issue trickles down through insurance, friends, family and even onto social media.

Therefore being able to assist immediately and decisively is critical for our tourism and leisure clients. Not only to resolve issues for individual travellers, but to protect their online reputation and still receive positive feedback. The importance of ratings and recommendations for this industry means that every single customer interaction is important, as the quality of each interaction and its outcome can have a big impact on each customer’s perception.

CCA International provides a range of services – providing help and advice but also assisting with equipment hire, dinner bookings, and organised activities. We also manage complaints, resolving them right away where possible, or escalating these where appropriate. Back office processes such as confirmation emails, receipts and brochures are also managed by us.

We provide remote support service via phone and chat, in four languages. In less than two years, around 100,000 chat sessions and 500,000 calls were managed by our multilingual team. Whether checking details before travelling, helping with additional services during the trip, or retrieving items left behind, our agents are with our client’s customers every step of the way.

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