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Insourcing - a trip off the beaten track of customer relationship management
Combining the benefits of internal centres and outsourcing, our insourcing offer delivers improved service and retains your expertise and trusted employees
The leisure and tourism industry demands highly knowledgeable and approachable customer service teams, due to the complexity of travel packages and the number of partners, agencies and affiliates helping to deliver memorable experiences for customers. Expert customer service is a key differentiator in the sector so many operators prefer to keep this in-house.

An in-house customer service centre is a benefit, but also a literal cost. Quite apart from office space and infrastructure, the time and cost devoted to training teams to the required high standard requires substantial investment, as does keeping up to date with new platforms and systems. Therefore outsourcing, and with it the potential loss of investment and expertise is not a common choice for the established operators.

With its insourcing proposition, CCA International makes it possible to retain the advantages of an in-house team but with the cost savings of outsourcing. We purchase outright the contracts of the existing teams and take responsibility for future investment. The existing team and their skills and knowledge are retained, and we bring them in line with best practice and standards by benchmarking with our other sites and clients.
Insourcing also allows the value of the infrastructure and office space to be maximised. During off-season or outside of core opening hours, CCA International can provide services to clients from other sectors, thus generating more revenue. Combine this with the reduction in costs from training, HR and IT support, and the benefits are clear.

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  • Handling seasonality & marketing campaign peaks
  • Retaining staff & expertise's
  • Maitaining proximiy with business units
  • Best practice & benchmarking
  • Time management & Improved productivity
  • Time & Language difference adaptability
  • Reduction of overhead cost
  • Hours of operation management