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The new generation of travel and leisure sales
New channels and new techniques to appeal to well-informed customers
The rise in comparison sites and review portals means that travellers are able to do significantly more research before booking a trip than was possible even 5 years ago. They can draw up a list of very specific and detailed requirements for each trip, which means that the sales process needs to be just as detailed, and consistent with information presented elsewhere such as the aforementioned comparison sites and review portals.

For inbound sales this means ensuring all the customer’s needs are established and met, but to drive greater volumes, more leads need to be generated. One of the biggest services that CCA International provides for its travel and leisure clients is lead generation, achieved by detailed monitoring of social media and the wider web. Specific keywords and topics are monitored in order to find people looking for particular destinations, types of trip or times of year. Once identified, leads are passed to community managers to reach out and share offers or suitable packages. These “targeted” leads convert very well compared to purchased lists of telephone numbers, for instance.

Another area of sales where we can add value is by targeting previous customers who have not travelled for more than 6 months. Even if they are not planning a trip right away, we look to obtain the month when they are planning to travel next so that a call can be made nearer the time. Again, these opportunities tend to convert very well because the customer is familiar with the operator and its packages.

Combine these well-converting leads with cross-sales and up-sales, and we generated over €1.7m in revenue in a single year for one of our clients.

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  • Cross-sell & upselling
  • Multilingual inbound & outbound sales
  • Order processing
  • Aftersales
  • Outbound sales campaigns (win-back & existing customers)