Technical Support

End-to-end support across all products and services
Supporting the customer every step of the way.
The range of products and services available from telecoms providers keeps on growing and diversifying, and the ways in which customers can mix and match them means an almost infinite number of combinations. Couple that with the huge range of devices available to customers and it’s clear that technical support is both very important and very complex.

CCA International’s expertise and experience drawn from over 20 years working with telecoms providers means we are able to process from start to finish the most complex incidents, allowing providers to outsource their technical support with confidence. Both Level 1 and Level 2 support is offered, and we consistently deliver service quality of 90% of more. Customers are supported through every stage of their contract, from installation and start-up, to settings and configuration, service and replacements under warranty, software updates and recycling or disposal of old products. We also work closely with warehouses and couriers to ensure prompt collection and shipment of equipment.

As an example, for a mobile operator, we provide incident handling across a range of services, including SIM activation, initial configuration, unlocking, Bluetooth syncing, navigation and use, and software issues/updates. 1800 TA files are processed every month and 80% of the approximately 30,500 calls received each month are treated within a minute. Requests for support via social and digital platforms is also a growing area, utilising video calls as well as chat and social.

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  • Level 1 & 2 support
  • Service quality of 90% or more
  • Installation & start-up
  • Settings, configuration & updates
  • Replacements
  • Recycling & Disposal
  • Collection & shipment