Europe-wide service without the roaming charges
Supporting your customers wherever they are with a centralised service.
While there are still many local networks, the big telecoms players are now international, present in most markets either in full or in partnership. That means their customers speak many languages, and are spread across time zones, regions and channels.

In order to service this diverse customer base, it is possible to have a partner based in each market, servicing only customers in that market. For the telecoms provider, this means multiple contracts, with different terms and conditions, and probably variable quality – the equivalent to roaming charges when going on holiday. What if there was a way to have one contract with fixed charges regardless of location, and always the same quality of service?

CCA International’s pan-European offering makes this a reality. Regardless of what language or channel the customer prefers, or where they are based, our centralised teams are there to support. With 6 European hubs covering 27 languages, any customer can be catered for. Centralisation means that our teams all receive standardised training, briefings, coaching and performance management, so the quality of service given to customers is of a consistent and high standard whatever the language or channel.

A centralised pan-European service also means a common database to log all interactions; easy benchmarking against other markets; the ability to redeploy resource to cover volume spikes; and consolidated costs for management and support services (IT, HR, etc). Customers will not even notice that the service is not in-market – they will interact with a native speaker on any channel and receive a high quality service, whether the agent is in London, Athens or Barcelona.

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  • Centralisation of customer interactions via 6 Pan European hubs
  • Multichannel & Multilingual customer experience in 27 languages
  • Unified workforce management system
  • Centralisation of customer data
  • Centralised training, briefings, coaching & performance management
  • Best practice integration
  • Proactive customer engagement
  • Adapting to cultural differences & social norms Time & Language difference adaptability