Managing customer interactions across all channels
More than just calls – email, chat,video, social.
As the offerings from telecoms operators have diversified to include services like mobile, broadband and TV, so too have the ways customers which to contact their operator. Although there are many who still prefer to talk by phone, the new generation of customers seek new, more flexible methods of interaction such as web chat or social media.

That means providers have to be ready to respond to customers across a range of channels, at a time which suits the customer. Implementing these additional support channels from a technical point of view is easy enough for a telecoms provider, but what about the expertise required to provide exceptional service on these new channels?

This is where CCA International’s omni-channel offer comes in. Our expertise in customer interaction on the new channels is brought to bear without compromising quality of service – indeed, the same agents who provide peerless interactions by phone and email will also manage the other channels so the understanding of our clients’ services and products is carried over without the need for further training, or the risk of dilution or inconsistency.

Having a multi-skilled, omni-channel team means we can also quickly reassign resource to the busiest areas, so if a spike in call volumes occurs we can pull agents from email or social duties until the volume normalises. This workforce management is achieved through detailed analysis and observation of past trends as well as understanding our clients’ current marketing and business activities. This allows us to accurately forecast volumes for each channel and allocate resource accordingly.

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  • Real-Time customer engagement at every touch point
  • Collection and unification of customer data
  • Consolidation of customer interactions, analytics and workflow
  • Unification of lead management process between channels
  • Personalisation of customer interactions