Customer Care
Assistance and persistence
A complete range of support services for telecoms clients.
With a diverse range of tariffs, packages and add-ons, the range of telecommunication packages on offer to customers is larger than ever. Although providers still have retail outlets, these are not always convenient for customers so providing responsive and expert customer support via phone, email and other channels is a crucial tool in maintaining customer satisfaction.

For many telecoms operators across Europe, CCA International brings this expertise, responsiveness and effectiveness.

This means a “right time, right place” solution – being there to help customers when they want, on the channel they want, from early morning phone calls to late night social media. This encompasses a variety of front and back office tasks from billing queries and adjustments to helping with processes like voicemail to dealing with repairs, replacements and returns.

Our experience - more than 20 years serving the largest telecom operators - allows us to deliver customer satisfaction rates of over 90%.

By managing a full range of customer service and administration tasks for our telco clients, including the relationships with warehouses and couriers for returns and shipments, we enable the clients to reduce their internal operation and thus cut costs and simplify their operations.

For an MVNO in France, we currently handle over 30500 calls per month from customers, while delivering a satisfaction rate above 90%.


  • Customer Services
  • Billing & account management
  • Replacement, repairs, returns Incident handling
  • Help & advice lines
  • General enquiries
  • Crisis management