Retain your in-house operation and reduce your overheads
CCA international manages your customer interaction team on your premises.
There are a number of well-established solutions for telecoms providers to manage their customer interactions while optimising costs and retaining quality of service. These include in-house local, in-house offshore, local subsidiaries, off-shore subsidiaries and local and off-shore outsourcing.

Through its insourcing model CCA International offers a new alternative combining the benefits of all these solutions, without the drawbacks.In this model, CCA International purchases the in-house operation, assuming responsibility for all existing employment contracts. We then look to drive improvements in technology, skills, efficiency and utilisation. The intention is to achieve 100% utilisation of the contact centre by eliminating idle time, whether by cross or up-skilling staff to handle more channels or products, or using the hours overnight to provide services for other clients.

This means that not only does the contact centre generate greater revenue but the client can reduce or eliminate their outlay on recruitment, training, technology upgrades, R&D, etc. All payroll and HR processes are handled by CCA International too, freeing up capacity in these departments for the client. By retaining the existing in-house team, no expertise is lost, and we can bring our expertise from the contact centre industry to improve performance. The new insourced team can be benchmarked against other CCA International teams and share learnings and best practice with our European network of contact centres, which further increases the insourced teams’ quality of service and efficiency.

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  • Multi-skilling & Cross-utilisation of staff
  • Time management & improved productivity
  • Retaining staff & expertise's
  • Recruitment, training & best practices
  • Payroll & HR resources
  • Technical competence & flexibility
  • Handling seasonality & marketing campaign peaks