Better leads, better conversion
Sophisticated data sourcing and management to deliver high conversion of leads.
Given the sophisticated nature of a customer’s contract with a telecoms provider – usually multiple products, each with a number of customisation options – each potential sales call can take upwards of 30 minutes. That’s a lot of time, resource and cost to invest if the customer chooses not to go ahead. So it’s vitally important that the right customers are contacted at the right time to maximise the chances of a sale.

CCA International achieves this by sophisticated analysis of data, both real-time and historic. If we identify that, for instance, males aged 18-30 tend to buy more during the hours of 6pm-9pm, then all subsequent leads that fit this profile will be called during those hours. If one “pot” of data is not performing as anticipated, it is switched out for another to make comparisons. The goal is always to make more sales by calling the right customers at the right time.

When making sales, our agents are monitored in detail to ensure compliance with industry regulations and customer data protection. All successful sales are recorded and reviewed to ensure compliance. Thus our clients can be confident that sales will “stick” and that customers are given all the information they need.

We also deliver leads and sales through other channels, too. Our email and SMS campaigns highlight targeted offers and encourage customers to call in or visit our clients’ website for a quote. By using a unique reference number we can easily track conversion of these leads. Social media monitoring is used to identify groups or individuals who could be targeted with offers and again, the use of a unique offer ID ensures conversion rates can be tracked easily.

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  • Outbound sales and acquisition campaign
  • Reactivation of accounts
  • Cross-selling & Up-Selling
  • Recording for quality control & assurance
  • Converting inbound calls into sales