Press and media


Cross the border into a new type of customer service offer
Present wherever there is content and consumers – channel, language, time of day
With the emergence of social media and Web 2.0, press and media are now available around the world in real time, anytime. Simulcasts and web radio mean that content is global, and the move from print to web means that journalism reaches far further than ever before. This means consumers of media are geographically diverse, and questions, comments and issues can occur in many languages and on many channels.

CCA International is now offering an exclusive multilingual and omni-channel customer service solution which means we can engage with consumers, on the platform they want, at the moment they wish, in their language.

With 6 European locations offering 27 languages, our pan-European offering connects these 6 hubs to form one all-encompassing service that can manage all your European consumer interactions. Having one provider covering all markets, platforms and languages ensures a consistency of service and message that would be difficult to achieve with multiple devolved local operations. By employing multilingual agents we can also bring down costs while retaining quality.

By way of example, consider our successful partnership with the Franco-German channel Arte, with customer service in German and French, on social networks, by mail, e-mail, and on their website. As Arte is widely broadcast across Europe, particularly in hotels, there are a significant number of interactions from outside France and Germany, especially on digital.

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  • Centralisation of customer interactions via 6 Pan European hubs
  • Multichannel & Multilingual customer experience in 27 languages
  • Unified workforce management system
  • Centralisation of customer data
  • Proactive customer engagement
  • Adapting to cultural differences & social norms
  • Time & Language difference adaptability