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Omni-channel customer interaction offer for multimedia
Multi-media requires multi-channel customer service.
We’re so used to multimedia these days that it seems odd to look back 20 or so years and view the old media landscape. Newspapers without companion websites, journalists without Twitter accounts, TV stations without catch-up or playback facilities. In the modern world, each publication or broadcast is supported by a surfeit of complementary channels – Facebook pages, websites, forums, apps…

Being present on all these channels means that customer service needs to be present there too – wherever there is content, there should be someone ready to respond to questions, problems or feedback. That’s where CCA International comes in – our omni-channel customer relationship management means we can cover all platforms from one place.

Our teams are equally at home answering emails, moderating comments, answering phone calls or responding to tweets. It’s the same agents managing all channels and all their interactions are logged in one CRM system. Rather than multiple agencies managing a channel each and using discrete CRMs, with CCA International, everything is in one place. This makes it easier for both our clients and their consumers.

For instance, for Arte, we manage all French and German consumer contacts from a single location, including website comment moderation and subscription queries by phone, email and by mail, always with a quality of service greater than 90%.

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  • Real-Time customer engagement at every touch point
  • Collection and unification of customer data
  • Mapping customer journey and detailing favorite touch points
  • Unification of lead management process between channels
  • Personalisation of customer interactions