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Lead or follow your consumers to new digital platforms
Expand sales and improve consumer satisfaction by harnessing digital.
"Without us, some of our clients would have no presence in digital media." Adam Spain, Director of Customer Experience at CCA International, explains the degree to which our services support some of our media clients.

The offering is typically tailored to the client’s needs – a monthly magazine will have different requirements to a TV channel. In all cases, though, our digital offering is intended to empower consumers to interact with media companies in an efficient and simple fashion, whether that’s web chat, video call or social media.

Consultation and research enables us to develop the best strategy for brands with little or no presence – which digital channels and platforms should they target, where their products are being discussed. We can then instate solutions that best meet their consumers’ needs, whether that’s social media, comment moderation or something else. For brands that are more established on digital, we bring considerable expertise to the table, allowing them to optimise their digital presence and drive increased interaction and consumer loyalty.

A media brand’s digital presence is important in protecting and developing their brand image, getting valuable consumer feedback, identifying risks and issues, moderating content relating to their products and growing their consumer base. All of this can be supported by CCA International, with teams comprising social media analysts, community managers, digital strategists and multi-channel agents.

Our digital offering for media clients enables the conversation to keep going well beyond publication or broadcast.

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  • Digitalisation of customer journey
  • Customer enquiries management & real time engagement
  • Community management & content strategies
  • E-reputation & Brand sentiment management
  • Indentification of key influencers and detractors
  • Crisis Management