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Unlock extra revenue from your customer service centre
Our unique insourcing proposition can drive increased efficiency and revenue from your exisiting operation.
The move from print media to internet, and from TV and radio to streaming, means that media is no longer consumed according to a fixed schedule. That means that press and media customer service operations no longer have a fixed schedule either, and so utilisation of resource requires significant attention to ensure there is minimal idle time.

For CCA International, this sort of resource management is no problem - 20 years of experience in the customer relationship sector and continuous investments in new technologies means we can easily respond to fluctuating volumes and reassign agents across channels depending on current needs or priorities. We can also minimise idle time by mutualising services – if an agent is only busy for 3 hours per day, why not let them handle interactions for another brand or client too?

This forms the crux of our insourcing offer – taking over in-house operations and making better utilisation of resource to either bring efficiency up or costs down (through mutualisation). Incumbent staff are retained to ensure the continuation of expertise but they are then upskilled to handle either more channels or additional products/clients. The original client still benefits from an on-site team but enjoys substantial savings on training, recruitment, IT and overheads.

This model has worked successfully for a number of media clients, enabling them to focus more efforts on their core business and deliver more revenue from the space allocated to their customer service operations – all the benefits of outsourcing but on-site.

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  • Multi-skilling & Cross-utilisation of staff
  • Recruitment, training & best practices
  • Retaining staff & expertise's
  • Flexibility: Handle seasonality & marketing campaign peaks
  • Up skill internal workforce
  • Reduction of overhead cost
  • Maitaining proximity with business units