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Delivering ongoing revenue with subscription sales
Securing consistent revenue with subscription sales.
Repeat business is particularly important for press and media. If a consumer only buys a product occasionally – maybe a newspaper once a month – then the revenue opportunity is limited and also unpredictable. By committing to a subscription, whether that’s for a TV channel, a streaming service or a paywalled website, the revenue is more reliable.

So when it comes to sales for our press and media clients, the focus is on subscriptions, not only to deliver a steady revenue stream but also because committed consumers are more likely to consider cross-selling or up-selling offers.

Part of our expertise in delivering these sales is in identifying the right targets or leads. This can be done through targeting lapsed subscribers, or infrequent purchasers who already identify with the brand.

We also use the power of social media to identify advocates and fans of the product who can potentially become evangelists and deliver further new consumers through their influence.

Historically this sort of sales activity was conducted by phone but acquiring new subscribers increasingly requires a rich multichannel solution, incorporating email, social media, website banner ads and SMS. The key is to drive the consumer to subscribe, whether through a website order portal or via the phone. Conversion is easily tracked by ensuring each potential new subscriber is issued with a unique ID that must be quoted or entered when signing up.

Subscriptions secure the future of media brands and generate the capital to invest and grow. CCA International will help our media clients to target and secure more subscribers.

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