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For tv, print and online, helping customers get the most from their media.
"Viewers have their obsessions: the big trend among Germans is to call us to find out who wrote the broadcast documentaries, and how to obtain them. There are also viewers who calls us to find out absolutely all dates and all repeats of programs of interest ... ". Lysette Vreeken, account manager for a major Franco-German channel at CCA International, has to manage all manner of consumer requests regarding both broadcasts and supporting material such as websites and advertisements. Our bilingual omnichannel team is ready to answer even the most obscure requests regarding any aspect of a TV show.

For this client, as with other press and media clients, responsiveness and accuracy is important to ensure that consumers enrich their media experience and that any questions or issues are quickly resolved. This can include queries about subscriptions, schedules, orders, writers, or some of the more technical aspects mentioned earlier.

Consumers may contact us by telephone, email, web, social media, or increasingly via the “comments” section of corporate sites. An important part of our client offering is moderation of these comments sections, to ensure that community guidelines are observed and that any risks or issues are resolved or escalated to the appropriate client stakeholder.

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