Our talents
CCA International employed 6000+ representatives in 12 countries and 27 sites

Recruiting, training, and evolving: CCA International takes pride in unleashing the full potential of its people.

Everyday more than 800 managers animate the production of our community management processes, social monitoring, lead generation and customers service campaigns. Their role is crucial to discover new talents, evaluating and supervising over 4800 employees in 27 sites across Europe, Morocco and Mauritius.

Our managers bring the customer experience to life. They are selected for their ability to create a new managerial vision that rejuvenates old standards and welcome the new generation.

CCA International internally conducts programs that consolidate managerial competences with modules that aim to improve managers’ overall know-how and leadership skills. This program is also based on personality tests (MBTI). In France and internationally, we also propose the rare opportunity to gain professional experience with our clients across a large variety of sectors, expanding our employees’ skills sets.

Our unique opportunities make CCA international’s pride

At CCA International, it is not uncommon to meet employees that have been involved in the creation of the group in 1994. With the same passion, they illustrate the quality of opportunities we propose. From personal development to international opportunities across our 27 sites, fast career progression is always achievable. With three site directors who initially started as customer service representative, each of our employees is given the opportunity to express their ideas and talents to achieve their professional ambitions.

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  • CCA International employed 5800 representatives in 12 countries and 27 sites