Our employment policy

A new generation of customer experience with a new generation of tools

With the new generation of customer experience strongly based on modern omnichannel platforms, CCA international enables current and future employees to develop and acquire new skills, overall increasing employee satisfaction and employability.

We recruit candidates who are comfortable with new technologies and tools that transform the way we deliver customer experience.

Each of our staff enjoy a multitasking and fast paced role, from taking calls to managing live chat, social media and moderation. A new generation of roles has emerged within CCA International such as social media analyst, community manager or social media strategist, who animates and engages with customers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more for some of the world’s most exciting brands.

With a strong experience in delivering sales campaigns, CCA International has digitalised its strong lead generation expertise with representatives listening to customers’ voices on digital platforms to identify, attract and generate new leads through advanced monitoring tools.