Leisure, Travel & Tourism

The journey of a tourist begins much earlier than they realise. Before taking the bus to the airport, before boarding the plane, before the taxi to the hotel, they have already begun their journey through the support network that exists to help them book and organise their trip – comparison sites, order websites, contact centres, social media… there are many steps on the journey before the trip even begins!

Helping customers pick the right accommodation, connections, supplementary services and add-ons is only the start. Being there to help them before, throughout and after their trip is all part of the service the new generation of tourists expects, and with the rise of review portals, being there to help is crucial to secure the positive feedback that drives new and repeated business.

The modern tourist no longer waits until they get home to share photos or make complaints – their smartphone goes with them and they document their holiday in real-time through a variety of channels. CCA International enables our tourism partners to be there throughout the journey, and look after their customers for as long as the journey lasts.