Reassurance for insurance, all through the customer journey
By phone, web or social, better sales and better oppportunities
" At CCA International, we did not feel that the process takes precedence over the customer experience." For Nadia Hamman, Director of CCA Brokerage, the key to a successful customer service for the insurance sector requires the potential of all communication channels, while breaking down the barriers between these channels. “A policyholder may need to follow a telephone request by e-mail; an insurer may need to reach all its customers via digital channels. CCA Brokerage can communicate in real time regardless of the channel or combination of channels used.

So for our insurance clients, our programs natively integrate new channels like chat, click-to-call, video chat and social networking, to deliver quality for both client and their customers. The outsourcing of back office services fits naturally into the framework of this strategy, as recovery of leads via the web for processing by telephone means there is a clear end-to-end process.

This omni-channel organisation also allows us to add value to our insurance clients. For a large mutual insurance company, we have implemented a comprehensive system integrating recovery leads generated by a comparison online shopping portal. We are managing requests via email and subscriptions by electronic signatures. Social media is used for lead generation also.

At a time when insurers are looking to upgrade their customer relationship approach to better fit the omni-channel customer experience, and to better seize the opportunities of additional sales, we act as trusted partner and a source of insights and recommendations.

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  • Real-Time customer engagement at every touch point
  • Consolidation of customer interactions, data and workflow
  • Unification of lead management processed between channels
  • Routing conversations to the suitable agent