Expert partnership, new digital offering
Our digital offering to allow insurers to develop a new generation customer experience.
Insurers increasingly recognise the importance of digital channels as a means to generate more sales and loyalty, but with a complex product such as an insurance policy, customers need to have digital experiences than confer significant benefits over visiting a local broker. The experience needs to be tailored to and take advantage of the digital platform on which it occurs, so offering options such as click-to-call, live chat or click-to-video means customers can get help when they need it and the agent can immediately see where the customer needs help.

These options are convenient for the customer and more cost-efficient for the insurer as the same agent can manage all these channels of interaction.

CCA International has built substantial digital capabilities to support our insurance clients and provide a smooth, comfortable experience for their customers. We are focused on providing customers with a great digital experience, but also delivering new customers to our clients through lead generation.

Lead generation is achieved through a number of techniques. For a leading French insurance client, we have established a competitor analysis programme, evaluating the various policies and offers on the market. This is combined with social media monitoring to identify customers talking about competitor products and steer them to our clients’ site or to an inbound quote.

Leads are therefore completed by phone or through validation of the electronic signature of new contracts, and sales are processed quickly and securely.

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  • Digitalisation of customer journey
  • Customer engagement strategies
  • E-reputation & brand sentiment management
  • Online & social media lead generation management
  • Crisis Management
  • Competitors Analysis & Nurturing Programmes