Customer Care

Expert assistance for the insured...but also for the insurer
Thanks to the expertise of its employees, cca brokerage offers full assistance to policyholders and optimises backoffice services for insurers.
"With our clients, there is no a priori, no dogma: we imagine working with them tomorrow." Nadia Hamman, CCA Director of Brokerage, is known today by some of the largest French insurers not only as an effective operational partner, but also as a true force of innovation. Insurance is changing, so methods of assistance and customer advice must be constantly reinvented to match its new uses, its new expectations. Policies now exist for many more devices and situations, and policyholders’ expectations are shifting.

Support services offered by CCA Brokerage are helping not only the insured but the insurer. For the policyholders, our teams are ready to answer any questions regarding policies or help with changes. This is typically done over the phone due to data privacy laws but other channels are used to direct policyholders to the correct phone number.

Our French centres each specialise in a particular area of insurance so policyholders are routed to the correct team depending on their needs. Our agents are encouraged to achieve a professional insurance qualification to ensure policyholders speak to knowledgeable professionals.

For insurers, our offering customer care offer is broad and can including tasks such as claims management and research, portfolio management, and dispute mediation.

For large French and European insurers who trust us, we deliver a continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and recommendations, with resolution times on extremely complex operations such as escheat research within 15 days.

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  • Customer Service
  • Policy holder information services
  • Helpdesk, Application Management, Change of Circumstances
  • Commercial Support
  • Customer Insight
  • Analysis & Portfolio Management
  • Claims management & Research
  • Dispute mediation