Insourcing, new resources
Our insourcing formula provides resources required to tackle new markets and generate new revenue.
Historically many insurers have created and maintained in-house teams to manage sales and customer support. This brings with it considerable investment in human and technological resources, and diverts resource away from the core insurance activities such as risk management and underwriting.

That is why CCA International, as part of its solutions for the insurance sector, offers an alternative effectively adapted to the requirements and specificities of the insurance sector: insourcing.
There are 2 key insourcing offers from CCA International suitable for insurance clients.

The first solution is for CCA International to take over the customer service centre(s) of the insurer.

CCA International directly assumes responsibility for human resources of the centre concerned, and will take over training, employment and IT (where applicable depending on software needed). This means that the insurer no longer needs to focus efforts on maintaining the contact centre and can receive the benefits of this while still having a team on-site and in close proximity to its main business.

The second solution is for CCA International to provide additional staff to supplement the insurer’s own team, to manage extended hours or during peak hours. This enables the insurer to effectively expand and contract its customer contact team without incurring substantial recruitment and training costs.

Both options liberate the insurer to focus more time and resource on their core business or expansion into new markets or products, while CCA International will provide professional customer interaction.

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  • Retaining proximity with business units
  • Optimisation of customer management processes
  • Retaining and developing staff & expertise's
  • Reduction of overhead cost
  • Hours of operation management
  • Retention of expertise