Quality sales
Sales by cca brokerage meet the highest requirements of quality and compliance for an unmatched commercial performance.
The first thing our clients and their customers notice is our quality." Nadia Hamman, Director of CCA Brokerage, identifies the first opportunity to convince customers: quality and expertise of staff are crucial in the market for insurance services. Crucial to achieve efficient sales development campaigns, and crucial in complying to the highest standards.

During a sales campaign, three quality control officers are assigned to each team of 45 agents. The QA officers listen to every completed sale in its entirety, checking each that each legal notice is stated fully and clearly, and that the policy sold is appropriate for the policyholder. The sale is invalid if one of the criteria imposed by the client or by CCA Brokerage itself is not respected.

Our managers and agents, who are invited to achieve a professional qualification in insurance, are responsible for direct marketing campaigns, cross-selling and up-selling.

Besides the sales campaigns in traditional outbound calls by phone, we also develop campaigns for multi-channel acquisition, reactivation of lapsed accounts and lead generation sanctioned by the electronic signature of contracts.

Our clients can typically expect over 1,000 outgoing calls per hour and up to 7,000 quotes/cases logged per day. This level of interactions has fostered an expertise that both our clients and their customers acknowledge.

A major insurer who worked with no less than six other providers for years appealed to CCA Brokerage for sales campaigns: the first month, we recorded the best results. Another insurer for which we focused on reducing policy lapse and cancellation rate has seen its turnover increase by 10% in a few weeks.

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  • Converting inbound calls to sales
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Quality control management
  • Sales development campaigns
  • Multichannel customer acquisition
  • Outbound sales and acquisition campaign
  • Lead Nurturing & complete pipeline management solutions