Fast moving consumer goods


Customer service as international as your product
Helping fmcg consumers wherever they are, in their language.
Few products are as international as consumer goods. Soft drinks, liquor, biscuits, soup, batteries – known by consumers from Dublin to Moscow, and worldwide. When on holiday or away on business, consumers usually select a brand they know and trust, and there are certain products they buy every day.

This widespread presence means a lot of consumer contacts in a lot of languages and across multiple channels. Locating a consumer interaction team in every market is possible but is expensive and may require contracts with multiple vendors, so is there another solution? CCA International believes there is.

With six connected European hubs, each boasting native speakers of up to 27 European languages, CCA International enables its clients in the FMCG sector to consolidate the number of contact centres and achieve further efficiencies via the use of multi-lingual or multi-channel resources.

That means a tweet in Bulgarian could be answered in Lodz; an email in French could be answered in Athens; and while many English calls are answered in London, they could also be answered in Barcelona. This flexibility means that clients can select their language requirements and CCA International can provide a solution encompassing 1 or more sites to provide full coverage with the convenience of a single partner.

We have invested heavily in technology to facilitate call routing across Europe at minimal cost and with maximum efficiency, and the location of our hubs means we are able to attract high-quality, cosmopolitan candidates fluent in all European languages.

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  • Centralisation of customer interactions via 6 Pan European hubs
  • Multichannel & Multilingual customer experience in 27 languages
  • Unified workforce management system
  • Centralisation of customer data
  • Unified workforce management system
  • Proactive customer engagement
  • Adapting to cultural differences & social norms