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All products, all channels, all of the time
Managing fmcg consumer interactions across all communication channels.
FMCG brands, known to all around the world, are subject to intense scrutiny – the tiniest issues apparent due to the products’ ubiquity. That means consumers tend to reach out immediately if they have a question or issue, so consumer/customer service should be available as easily as the product, and ready to help a broad range of consumers of different ages and demographics.

Consumers identify with these brands so it’s crucial that they feel the brand identifies with them. To this end, we maintain a comprehensive database of all interactions, matching up consumers’ contact details across channels – so we know if a caller has previously tweeted about the same issue. In our omni-channel hubs, our digital and traditional teams are joined not only by the tools that give them a comprehensive view of each consumer’s interaction history, but also physically.

The community managers sit beside the call centre, so can advise on trends or breaking topics that may manifest as phone calls or emails. With this proactive approach, messaging can be developed before an issue peaks so that detractors or dissatisfied consumers can be anticipated and their concerns managed effectively.

The proximity means that consistency of message across channels is much easier to achieve and sensitive issues can be quickly transferred from social channels to telephone, and even to a named individual, ensuring the consumer has a seamless experience. The proximity of teams also means that briefings, brainstorming and meetings are more effective as everyone receives the same message at the same time.

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  • Unification of customer journey
  • Consolidation of customer interactions, data and workflow
  • Routing conversations to the suitable agent
  • History & purchasing behavioural tracking integration
  • Real-Time customer engagement at every touch point