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Taking new opportunities while retaining established messaging.
Social media represents a word of opportunity for FMCG brands – millions of discussions about your brand and products, all in the public domain. It allows them to directly reach consumers of their products in a way that was never possible with “old” media, not only with marketing activity but also to manage issues and questions and boost consumer engagement.

The most important aspect when harnessing the power of digital is to ensure that interactions remain true to the brand. We take care to ensure that our clients’ brand values and tone of voice are retained, even when interacting on new platforms for which there may not be any established messaging. Consumers are very media-savvy and can spot when a brand is “off-message”, so consistency is paramount, whether with messaging, visuals or video – all of which CCA International can create on behalf of our FMCG clients.

For the bigger brands, our social media monitoring reveals thousands of mentions on social media every hour. This allows us to identify trends relating to the brand, key advocates and detractors, highlight potential risks or issues, as well identify opportunities for proactive engagement with consumers or retailers. We can very quickly escalate potential risks or issues to ensure that mitigative action can be planned and executed.

Our digital offering is diverse and rich, and encompasses social media strategy, content creation and planning, content calendar management, community management, moderation, and social media monitoring and reporting. In cases where CCA International also manages sales or customer care, this results in an unrivalled 360° view of our FMCG clients’ customer activity.

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  • Real-time customer engagement
  • Online market feedback & competitive reviews
  • E-reputation & brand sentiment management
  • Community management & content strategies
  • Monitoring & tracking live conversations
  • Influencers & brand advocates outreach
  • Customer enquiries management & real time engagement
  • Crisis Management