Fast moving consumer goods

Customer Care

Rapid response at a european scale
Complete assistance throughout the product lifecycle.
The best-known consumer products can be found everywhere, from corner shops to hypermarkets, across Europe and even globally. With products available so widely, it means that customer service needs to cover a wide range of markets and languages.

The FMCG sector tends to attract a high volume of contacts, both from consumers and also retailers/point of sale. Questions about availability, distribution, product quality and advertising are typical for FMCGs, as many millions of products are purchased every day. Our teams manage these interactions across all channels, from phone calls and letters to Instagram and Snapchat. Social media monitoring adds another layer of intelligence, acting as an early warning to potential issues, as well as highlights trends and sentiment regarding the product.

One of our main strengths is the capability to rapidly redeploy our resources to a particular channel as required; a significant advantage when volumes can fluctuate by up to 800% in the event of a product recall or stock issue. Marketing campaigns will typically drive volume, as well as seasonal peaks such as Christmas.

Consumers tend to be very loyal to their favourite FMCG brands, purchasing daily or weekly, so they expect a very high standard of service if something goes wrong as their faith in the product can be shaken by a bad experience. We aim to provide a rapid resolution and if necessary restitution when something goes wrong.

Ensuring consistency across channels and markets means that consumers and retailers can get the same reliable quality from their service as they do from the product they love.

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  • Inbound & Outbound sales
  • Product expertise
  • Cross-selling & Up-Selling Email & Social media campaign to generate leads
  • Loyalty scheme members
  • Adhere to quality standards