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Renew your internal contact centre
Don’t move the team but move up in performance.
In-house customer contact centres can easily become costly without an apparent return on investment. They can become isolated both from the rest of the business and also from the contact centre industry at large – therefore falling behind in new ideas, tools and efficiencies. Without proper benchmarking or points of comparison, it’s easy to become complacent, which is when customers start to become dissatisfied.

In order to offer our clients new value propositions, CCA International has developed a series of alternatives to traditional in-house customer service operations.

With our insourcing offers, CCA International can help FMCG companies retain the benefits of an in-house operation without the risk of sunk costs or isolation. One method is for to CCA International to take over ownership of the existing contact centre, retaining staff and hence expertise, but also bringing expertise in terms of productivity, quality of service, technology and best practice.

The alternative is for CCA International to hire and employ staff who are then placed directly in our clients’ facilities; this frees the client of responsibility for recruitment, training and ongoing support of staff but means the team is still close to the rest of their business. This can be on a permanent basis or for a fixed-term to support during a period of expansion, for instance.

In either case, CCA International guarantees to refresh and streamline the in-house operation, bringing it in line with contact centre best practice and driving quality and efficiency, leading to great customer satisfaction.

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  • Time management & improved productivity
  • Retaining and developing staff & expertise's
  • Technical competence & flexibility
  • Recruitment, training & best practices
  • Optimisation of customer management processes
  • On-going support
  • Reduction of overhead cost