Do you really know your customers?
Understand the expectations and wishes of your customers, wherever they are.
Banks want to know about their customers, but primarily this has been in order to refine the prices of various banking services, depending on the exact situation of the customer. Credit histories and historic transactions are easy to “know”, but at a time when the customer is increasingly elusive, conducting the majority of their banking online and flitting from one bank to another to find the best credit, and from one communication channel to another to find the best service, do banks really know their customers?

CCA International’s 6 pan-European hubs, offering our exclusive pan-European offering, are the best allies of banks to develop this customer knowledge and offer a seamless new generation customer experience. Using a common database fed in real-time from all contact channels customers use, and with access to all previous customer interactions, agents develop an unrivalled knowledge of banking customers, their expectations and desires, by phone, email, chat and on social networks.

This customer insight allows us to deliver an appropriate answer on the right channel, at the right time, but also to develop proactive marketing or commercial activations targeted to the right group of customers.

Knowing and even pre-empting customer expectations, based on their profile of interactions and not merely their financial data, means the service they receive will meet or exceed their needs and improves loyalty, propensity to purchase and even recommendations to their friends.

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  • Centralisation of customer interactions via 6 Pan European hubs
  • Unified workforce management system CRM & Data integration
  • Multilingual & Multi-channel customer experience
  • Resume past conversations for continuity of service
  • Access to regulatory & legal information for all European Countries