Branch quality available through any channel
Simple and complex interactions delivered on any channel to the same standard as the local branch.
In recent years, customer expectations towards their banks have changed dramatically. For customers of the new generation, the services of a bank must be accessible at any time, in real-time, any place - and not only in their branch during its opening hours.

To meet this expectation, banks must implement a truly “omni” customer service, ensuring consistent quality of service regardless of the channel, or combination of channels, used.

CCA International supports several banking clients across a wide variety of channels, from handling inbound phone calls, to answering emails, screening postal loan applications, handling web chat and issuing SMS updates. All of these can be managed directly by us or in partnership with our clients’ internal teams.

Another element of the omni-channel service is community management. At a time when a poorly-managed interaction may generate social content causing serious damage to the image of a bank, being able to engage with the customer and link back to their original interaction (either a call recording or the email text) confers a huge advantage in manging the impact of negative sentiment.

Quality is also paramount – this is achieved by a consistent customer database across channels so that the customer does not need to repeatedly volunteer information. Whether it’s a call at 09:00 or a tweet at 23:00, the service received should have the same tone and consistency.

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  • Seamless Customer Experience
  • Real-Time customer engagement at every touch point
  • Unification of lead management process between channels
  • Personalisation of customer interactions
  • Routing conversations to the suitable agent