Customer Care

The same standard of online customer care as in branch
A range of support services that complement front-office or in branch.
Modern banking and financial services grant far greater agency to their customers than ever before. Online banking is widespread and credit applications can be processed online too. With more agency and the tools and apps available to them, customers are less likely to visit their bank, broker or creditor, and interactions increasingly happen via customer care teams than in person.

CCA International provides a range of support and consulting services for this sector, so that customers can be sure to speak to expert advisors, fully trained on the products and services of our clients. Our back-office services include many advanced tasks, allowing the banks’ own staff to focus on high value-added activities.

Tasks include customer service call responses, outbound customer service calls when account issues are flagged, welcome calls, complaint management and escalation, and changes of details such as address or dates for payments. All tasks are handled as professionally as by our clients’ internal resources.

By way of example, on behalf of a large French credit agency, we have supported both conventional inbound calling operations and the whole process of screening applications for home loans. We handle more than 900 calls per month with a quality rate of 85%. Regarding back office tasks, 3,000 files/month are studied according to the acceptance criteria of our client. Our efficiency has allowed us to reduce the average processing time of these loan applications compared to the client’s SLA.

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