Turning each customer interaction into a sales opportunity
Banking sector knowledge and customer knowledge combine to maximise sales.
Good bank branch advisors can turn every customer interaction into a sales opportunity. But at a time when the number of customers visiting branches is falling, how do banks and credit organizations achieve cross-selling or up-selling, let alone sell products or services to brand new customers?

Investing in their own in-house sales team is one solution, but the costs involved can be prohibitive. Selecting an expert partner, which adheres to the strict regulations for selling financial services, can be the answer. Through its expertise in banking and credit sector and with a rigorous quality process, CCA International is ideally placed to provide both quality and volume of sales for banks and credit organisations.

With secure recording and archiving of each sale, verification triggers in our CRM systems and automated replay of options selected by customers, our outbound sales calls, multilingual if necessary, are fully compliant with industry regulations. Similarly, inbound service calls are offered complementary products or upgrades in line with regulations.

Our multichannel acquisition and lead generation campaigns allow for customers to review products and contracts and securely sign electronically. We use social media monitoring to identify possible leads, such as people looking for loans, mortgages, etc. These leads are then passed to community managers to encourage people to visit the bank’s website or get in touch.

Finally, our organizational flexibility allows us to easily reassign or add resource in the event of volume spikes or campaign priorities.

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  • Outbound sales and acquisition campaign
  • Upselling & Crosseling
  • Multichannel acquisition
  • Lead Generation campaigns
  • Social Media monitoring and leads indetification
  • Lead Nurture & Complimentary packages
  • Recording for quality control & assurance