Develop in new markets with our pan-european support network
Reaching customers across europe in their own language from a central location.
Deregulation of energy and utility markets in Europe has opened up new opportunities to both established and new suppliers. Many have the technological and commercial infrastructure to grow beyond their existing borders, but do they have the customer service capabilities to support expansion in new countries and languages?

When a provider enters a new market, prospective customers need to be reassured that their energy provider can deliver great service. Setting up new customer service operations in each market and ensuring quality from day one is a huge challenge, to which CCA International has an answer.

Our 6 European hubs in Barcelona, London, Brussels, Lodz, Athens and Monaco, can serve customers in 27 languages on any and all channels. Common infrastructure and software means that customer data is persistent across sites and channels so a phone call terminating in Lodz can be followed by an email originating in Barcelona, all the while in the customer’s native language.

Our multi-skilled agents work across channels so it is easy to reallocate resource in the event of high volumes (for instance increased call volumes) or to respond to business priorities such as reacquisition of lapsed customers.

Currently we conduct telesales in over 15 European markets so acquisition of new customers is a key part of the pan-European offer. Intelligent use of cloud services and dialler software means that telephony costs do not increase despite the centralisation of services.

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  • Centralisation of customer interactions via 6 Pan European hubs
  • Multichannel & Multilingual customer experience in 27 languages
  • Unified workforce management system
  • Centralisation of customer data Proactive customer engagement
  • Adapting to cultural differences & social norms
  • Time & Language difference adaptability