Match the expectations of your customers with omni-channel customer services
An integrated approach to customer contact, reducing costs while maintaining high quality.
Modern lifestyles are so reliant on energy and utilities that any interruption in service can be very stressful. An interruption to gas, electricity or water tends to result in customer anxiety, and ensuring that everything is connected is one of the top priorities when moving house.

That means that utilities providers need to be able to support their customers during these stressful times by whatever means necessary. Customers may contact them by phone, email, social networks or chat so it is imperative to have these channels in place and operational.

Bill payments work similarly. Customers want to be able to pay in a way that suits them, whether in instalments or in full, by credit card, cheque or direct debit, and by phone, internet, app or bank counter. This means instating a series of technical safety requirements and infrastructure solutions but the ROI of this seamless customer experience is easy to measure: bills are paid quicker and there are fewer unpaid bills.

From the client's point of view, offering more services, more channels, while ensuring consistent quality, information and persistent customer data, is critical to keeping pace with their customers’ expectations.

CCA International can provide all of these services with one integrated, multi-channel and multi-skilled team, equally able to securely take payments by phone or answer questions on Facebook. This approach means greater utilisation and so control of costs without compromising quality.

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  • Integration of digital and traditional customer interactions
  • Unification of lead management process between channels
  • Real-Time customer engagement at every touch point
  • Routing conversations to the suitable agent
  • Consolidation of customer interactions, data and workflow