Digitise and simplify the customer journey
Our digital offer provides new opportunities for savings to both our clients and their customers.
The electricity, water and gas markets are more competitive than ever, with more tariffs and offers available to customers than at any time previously. To support our clients in making this simpler for their customers - an approach which benefits both client and customer - we have developed a complete range of digital services, concentrated in our pan-European hubs.

The aim is to help customers choose the right package and tariff and understand the differences between them, and also fast-track issues such as broken boilers or disconnection to the right telephone or email channels.

Digital platforms currently active include chat, click-to-call, video chat and social media. Providing a suite of contact options to customers helps them engage with their provider in a way that suits them.

Social media monitoring is used to identify influencers and brand advocates as well as define content strategy. By delivering engaging content around energy choices, green energy and tariffs/offers, we can generate conversation with customers which can ultimately be turned into leads.

Social media monitoring also allows us to track competitors and their offers, as well as provide an “early warning” of any problems or issues facing our clients or the energy industry more generally.

Our digital expertise enables our energy clients to better meet the needs of their customers, and helps their customers get the best deals and immediate support with issues or problems.

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  • Digitalisation of customer journey
  • Social media monitoring & competitors analysis
  • Influencers & brand advocates outreach
  • Customer engagement strategies
  • Crisis management
  • E-reputation & brand sentiment management
  • Online & social media lead generation management
  • Customer enquiries management & real time engagement