Re-energise your customer support with the help of an expert
Our insourcing offer drives increased productivity, savings and performance.
Companies providing energy and power network services were among the first to develop dedicated contact centres, booking appointments for engineers to perform installations and repairs. This means many years of detailed process and expertise have been developed in-house.

Maintaining such an extensive in-house operation has challenges, though – repeated investment in infrastructure, recruitment, and training, and R&D investment to ensure new tools and platforms are harnessed.

CCA International’s insourcing solutions enable companies to retain the advantages of an in-house team familiar with its customer service expectations and its products and personnel, while offsetting the cost of infrastructure and training to an outsourcer.

Holder of the Social Responsibility accreditation, CCA International ensures that when it takes responsibility for a team based in our clients office that a constant dialogue with both the client and staff takes place to ensure the best solution is reached, both short and long-term.

By acquiring the contact centre and pledging to retain existing staff, we develop the performance and efficiency of the customer service operation and open up the possibility of multi-skilling or cross-utilisation of staff.

Alternatively we can refresh operations by deploying new staff, equipment, techniques and processes, depending on our clients’ priorities.

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  • Multi-skilling & Cross-utilisation of staff
  • Recruitment, training & best practices
  • Retaining staff & expertise's
  • Time management & Improved productivity
  • Technical competence & flexibility
  • Flexible Resources
  • Reduction of overhead cost