High-quality, verified sales that meet your customers’ needs
Increased sales volumes delivered with commitment, efficiency and integrity.
Somewhat paradoxically, the recent opening up of energy markets to new suppliers was accompanied by tighter regulations regarding sales and marketing practices. With more competitors now fighting for the same pool of customers, having an efficient and high-quality sales operation is critical.

At CCA International, achieving increased sales volumes is never at the expense of regulatory compliance and quality. Each completed sale is recorded, replayed, validated, archived in secure encrypted formats and shared with our clients as required. Recordings are only kept for the legally-required period and financial or payment details are recorded.

Our quality assurance criteria typically exceed those mandated by our clients to ensure that no sale can be processed without all regulatory requirements (legal statements, customer rights) being included by the agent. This applies across all sales activity, from direct sales to cross-selling and up-selling, as well as reactivation of accounts and retention.

This rigorous approach means that sales “stick” – customers get all the information they need upfront and do not break their contracts, thus ensuring ongoing income for the supplier and fewer customer service calls. Combine our commitment to quality with our agents’ extensive training and product knowledge and sales are delivered successfully.

For instance, on behalf of a well-known energy provider, we provided 25,000 successful paid upgrades/add-on services, a total of 300,000 outbound sales calls and secured 80,000 new customers, of which 7,500 were subsequently upgraded.

In an increasingly competitive energy market, our core values allow us to deliver exceptional sales campaigns: commitment, efficiency, integrity.

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  • Outbound sales and acquisition campaign
  • Cross-selling & Up-Selling
  • Qualification campaigns & prospecting
  • Pre sales information, sales and account opening
  • Multichannel cutomer acquisition
  • Quality assurance management