Taking your business online opens up many opportunities. Access to millions or billions of customers; economies of scale versus physical retail locations; bulk storage allowing for cheaper wholesale prices, and ultimately more profit due to reduced overheads.

For consumers, the benefits are very compelling – lower prices, convenience, orders can be placed at any time and they can shop from anywhere with a smart device.

Linking both parties is the customer interaction team. What if the goods have not arrived, or in poor condition? What if there is a problem with the website? How are customers going to discover new products and offers? How can e-businesses get repeat orders if the customer could be anywhere in the world? CCA International’s customer interaction expertise allows us to be the link between businesses and their customers and ensure that all parties maximise the advantages of online business.

We augment traditional sales and our customer service offers a rich mix of social media and digital activity to drive new, repeated trade and identify issues before they become crises, by working smarter to deliver a great service.