Online businesses need offline and social offerings too
Customers order online but want to interact on any channel.
Recent statistics showed that 85% of European consumers have abandoned an online retailer following a single negative experience. This demonstrates how important customer service is in retaining market share – with numerous other sites to choose from, the main thing that ensures loyalty is the quality of service received, and especially when there is a problem or incident.

Part of this means opening up multiple channels to customers so they can ask questions, track deliveries or amend orders, in a way that suits them – not just email but telephone, chat and social media. However, there’s no advantage in creating a Twitter account if your community manager has no visibility of orders placed, delivery details or purchase history, or if your team answering calls or emails have no visibility of conversations taking place on social media. Customer service not only needs to be delivered over multiple channels, those channels also need to be joined up.

This is the crux of CCA International’s omni-channel offering, where one team of customer service professionals support customers across all channels. Tasks are allocated according to current and forecasted workload, but each agent is equally adept at taking a phone call as answering a tweet. Whichever platform they’re working on, they can access a customer’s information and order details, even “basket dropout” where an item has been placed in a basket but not purchased. We can follow up these dropouts to try to secure sales or overcome issues, even if the customer has chosen not to get in touch.

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  • Unification of lead management process between channels
  • Maping customer journey and detailing favorite touch points
  • Real-Time customer engagement at every touch point
  • Routing conversations to the suitable agent
  • Collection and unification of customer data
  • History & purchasing behavioural tracking integration