Online business, online interactions
Using social media, video and chat to drive sales and protect reputation.
The very nature of online businesses encourages customers to interact with such businesses online – but there will always be the need for voice interactions for some customers on some occasions.

That’s why, CCA International provides exceptional customer service across a range of mobile, digital and social channels, as well as the phone. However, where we make the difference is executing an comprehensive digital strategy to help e-businesses achieve more traffic and therefore orders, and also minimise and manage risks to their reputation.

E-businesses rely heavily on website traffic, both for advertising revenue but also to secure additional orders. CCA international supports this in several ways. Firstly, social media monitoring is used to identify both influencers and potential leads. Social media users who regularly discuss the e-business, its products or the wider industry are identified by social media analysts and recommended to community managers for outreach.

Secondly, we look to drive repeat business from existing customers. This is achieved by developing and executing content calendars that highlight particular campaigns or offers and sharing these with communities via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat; we will also leverage influencers to help spread the message further. Finally, we use proactive engagement to drive further traffic – responding to topical events or trends to associate our clients with trending topics.

Social media monitoring also allows us to identify any risks or issues that might affect our clients’ businesses, from individual product issues to potential crises. These are resolved by our customer service teams or escalated to the relevant client contact.

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  • Customer enquiries management & real time engagement
  • Customer engagement strategies
  • Faq's/Reviews management & Brand loyalty programme
  • Influencers & brand advocates outreach
  • E-reputation & brand sentiment management
  • Social media lead generation management