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Supporting every transaction for every customer.
Online businesses offer all kinds of products and services, but the common thread is that until the point of delivery, the customer can’t be 100% sure about the quality of the product or service. Shopping online is something we all do, but there are many points where things can go wrong: items are out of stock; payments are incorrect; deliveries are delayed; products are damaged in transit; and many more.

To help reassure customers, CCA International supports our e-business clients by responding to their customers across a wide range of traditional and digital channels. We have direct access to the order system, so that we can quickly review the customer’s order and assess any issues. We work closely with both warehouses and couriers to track deliveries and to arrange collections and returns of packages where necessary.

We also support clients with back office tasks such as issuing statements, data storage, processing forms and taking payments in the event of a change of order.

With so many orders per day, it’ is easy for e-business’s customer care to become scripted or robotic. CCA International strives to treat each customer as an individual, achieved by studying their interactions and orders in detail and making sure all specifics are clearly stated.

As an example, for a major European e-merchant, a dedicated team of 45 representatives that provides more than 450,000 customer interactions per year, including 300,000 emails and 150,000 calls in English, French and Spanish. Our personal touch means that we achieve an incredible customer satisfaction rate of 99%.

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