Cut your costs without cutting quality
Retain expertise while cutting overheads and ongoing investment.
Maintaining an in-house customer interaction centre requires significant investment – recruitment, training, IT and telephony infrastructure, not to mention ongoing costs such as facilities , HR and payroll, IT support and renewal of technology. For more traditional businesses with a large retail or high-street presence, this investment is reduced somewhat as customers can visit local outlets for help; for e-businesses these costs are unavoidable and crucial if they want to provide customers with great service.

The cheaper alternative is to outsource the customer interaction, but due to the way most e-businesses grow, in-house is usually present to begin with, and by the time outsourcing is considered, so much expertise has been developed, and so much investment made, that outsourcing becomes a risk.

So how to keep the expertise of in-house but get the savings of outsourcing? CCA International’s solution is “insourcing”. In this model, CCA International purchases the customer service operations from the client, taking over all existing contracts and assuming responsibility not only for the operation’s performance, but all future investment. The client still provides the physical space and benefits from the expertise and investment made to date, but future costs are substantially decreased as CCA International takes over everything from recruitment to IT support to benchmarking and adding new services.

In many cases, we can optimise the service to such an extent that capacity is freed up to serve other (non-competitor) clients from the same site, either by utilising overnight hours or quiet periods. This means we can be even more cost efficient for our clients.

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  • Retaining proximiy with business units
  • IT support
  • Time management & Improved productivity
  • Flexible Resources
  • Infrastructure cost efficiency
  • Optimisation of customer management processes