An alternative to adwords and sponsored links
New methods of lead generation and capitalising on existing customers.
Driving traffic to your e-business can be achieved in many ways, but unless the site is well-established and profitable, conventional advertising through offline channels such as print and TV is prohibitively expensive. Many e-businesses therefore use Google Adwords or sponsored links to generate traffic but again this can be costly.

CCA International’s sales offer for our e-business clients has 2 key pillars: firstly, capitalising on the existing customer base, and secondly using social media monitoring to identify sales leads and influencers.

Capitalising on existing customers means reviewing their purchase history and propensity to buy particular products. This data can be used to assign them to demographics or groups that receive alerts regarding special offers or new products that match their profile. If we see that an account has been inactive for an unusual length of time then we can contact the customer to discuss if there is an issue or reason that has led to a decline in orders and look to provide an offer that will get them to start purchasing again.

We also focus on the interception of abandoned baskets – where customers view items and maybe even add them to their online basket but do not finalise the purchase. We look to follow up on these leads with the aim of either securing the sale or at least understanding the reasons for non-completion. With the value of abandoned baskets standing at over $4000 million worldwide in 2015, it’s clear that this is an area that can be very profitable and is also a great source of insights from customers.

Social media monitoring for mentions of the e-business, its products or general industry keywords or purchase signifiers allows us to generate leads which can be targeted with special offers or unique products that match the interests of the customer. Unique reference numbers can be used to track conversion.

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  • Outbound sales and acquisition campaign
  • Customer base lead nurturing
  • Social Media monitoring and leads indetification
  • Reactivation of accounts
  • Promotions & discounts
  • Follow up on basket non-sales
  • Multichannel acquisition