Real quality in real-time
Provide the same instant access to customer service as to package tracking.
Modern tracking techniques mean that a customer can track their package in real-time, with regular alerts or even map-based tracking of drivers on their smartphone. This has hugely improved customer satisfaction as they no longer need to wait in all day, hoping for a delivery.

Having real-time access to package tracking means that customers can observe the moment that anything goes wrong – and having a smartphone means they can instantly contact customer service. That means at any point in the package’s journey, the distributor needs agents who can speak to the customer, as well as the relevant driver or handler, in their native tongue.

With its unique pan-European offering, CCA International delivers outsourced customer service that meets customers at the channel, time and language of their choice.

This omni-channel offer, delivered from our six European hubs, is powered by a single database, so that agents can help or refer customers seamlessly. The customer is supported throughout their journey, by phone, chat, email, on social networks, and in 27 languages. The customer’s interactions are all consolidated so that, regardless of the channel, our agents can refer to previous conversations and ensure continuity of service.

Our clients in the distribution sector are global operators with highly demanding customers and they are already benefitting from new communication channels such as social media. Our pan-European offering empowers them to give their customers a “new generation” customer experience that is seamless and real-time.

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Our Expertise

  • Centralisation of customer interactions via 6 Pan European hubs
  • Multichannel & Multilingual customer experience in 27 languages
  • Location-based tracking in real-time
  • Centralisation of customer data
  • Unified workforce management system
  • Resume past conversations for continuity of service
  • Adapting to cultural differences & social norms