Losing a package can mean losing a customer
Reassure your customers at every stage of their journey.
Delivering a package involves many different methods. From point A to point B, a van, four or five trucks, a plane, a scooter or even a bike can be involved. When this many methods are used for distribution, why should customer service be restricted to just one?

In the same way that the movements of a package need to be tracked the distributor, interactions with the sender and recipient need to be closely monitored. Customer service must be available in by phone, email, chat or social networks - the method the customer used to place an order must also be available for customer service.

The same multi-skilled team will manage all change so that the customer receives a consistent quality of service, and can even speak on the phone to the same agent who managed their web chat.

These omni-channel hubs are also great for our distribution clients as the agents are better utilised than in a traditional contact centre and by having one team across all channels the quality of interactions typically goes up significantly. Having multi-skilled agents means they can easily be deployed to the channel of greatest volumes, so a seasonal peak in call volumes (such as Christmas) means there will be no interruption in service or decrease in quality.

Senders and recipients rely on distributors to do business and surprise their friends and family. They need to be reassured that everything will arrive on time, and in a way and time that suits them. CCA omni-channel provides distributors with the means to deliver not just packages but customer satisfaction.

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Our Expertise

  • Integration of digital and traditional customer interactions
  • Consolidation of customer interactions, data and workflow
  • Real-Time customer engagement at every touch point
  • Unification of lead management processes between channels
  • Routing conversations to the suitable agent
  • Maping customer journey and detailing favorite touch points