Customer Care

Crossing the borders of support
Our support services for distribution companies extend well beyond the borders of traditional customer relations.
"When an airport in China is blocked by a storm, we are the first to know. When another airport is closed because of an attack, we are also the first to know.” Rachid Aboulouard is not a journalist or diplomat. The Site Manager of CCA International Reims, Rachid manages the customer account of one of the largest mail and logistics operators in the world. The customer support takes on a global dimension.

In addition to inbound customer calls, our teams also make calls to welcome new customers and facilitate the management and escalation of complaints. So that our customers in the distribution sector can focus on their heart of business, we also handle advanced back office operations such as management of customs requirements for sending letters or parcels.

Speed of service is critical in this sector and the teams are consistently hitting their target of 90% of calls answered in 10 seconds. Ensuring that the customer knows where their mail is and the cause of any delays is crucial in retaining customer trust and repeat business.

For this service in France, CCA International is the only service provider to which the operator has placed its trust.

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